What Sets Us Apart


Our three learning academies are family-owned and operated, and our approach to early education has resulted in nearly 36 years of proven success. We remain committed to preparing children for success in kindergarten and giving them the foundational skills necessary for a lifetime of learning. Our focus on STEM education, highly qualified teachers, extensive on-going training for our teachers, low student/teacher ratios, and a 10-year record of success in VPK education makes us different from – and superior to – other school choices you may be considering.

We are delivering STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning experiences throughout the day. The National Science Foundation recognizes that our nation’s ability to thrive in a modern workforce depends on a solid foundation in STEM learning. We believe that it is never too early to build the critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and investigative skills necessary for future life opportunities.

At Village Academy North, we understand the important role that teachers have in the success of our schools. We seek to hire well-educated and experienced teachers. We require that our Lead Teachers are credentialed; eleven have earned their bachelor’s degrees. We also provide ongoing professional development training and coaching so that our teachers are knowledgeable of the most effective methods for teaching. In addition to competitive teacher salaries and a full benefit package, we promote a fun and supportive work culture so that our teachers enjoy coming to work and want to continue working for us, which reduces high staff turnover in the classrooms. Lastly, we strive to provide low child-to-teacher ratios so that children are provided more opportunities for individualized instruction and teachers are supported.

Another key differentiator is the influence that Montessori education has on our learning academies. We provide a collaborative experience between our three learning academies so that teachers from each school may learn from each other and share ideas. Our Palencia Montessori Academy exists to provide a comprehensive educational experience that is child-focused, self-paced, and individualized using the Montessori method and curriculum. Teachers from The Village Academy and Village Academy North attend Montessori in-service training sessions and spend time observing in our Montessori classrooms so they may incorporate aspects of the Montessori teaching philosophy in their traditional classrooms. When you tour our two traditional learning academies you will notice many Montessori materials throughout the classrooms.

Our VPK program is recognized as the best in St. Johns county with a 99% school readiness rate. We provide a cooperative classroom environment with opportunities for hands on experiences and child-directed instruction. We introduce children to the foundational skills in early literacy, writing, science, math, health & fitness, creative arts & music, and social studies that are necessary for future academic achievement. Our play-based learning approach allows for a balance of both shared and independent learning experiences that provide opportunities for “creation time”, imaginative play, and activities that foster cognitive development. We also guide our students in becoming positive and self-confident young people by promoting their social emotional development and self-regulation skills.

Children and parents love the variety of enrichment classes that we offer at Village Academy North for children ages 3 through VPK. Our enrichment classes are taught by our Lead Teachers and outside vendors. We offer Spanish, French, Mad Science, Soccer, Cooking, Art Education, Stretch and Grow, and Engineering.

We are committed to providing an ecofriendly learning environment. We use healthy, environmentally responsible products rather than harsh chemicals, and our schools are bleach-free. Each of our cleaning products are Green Seal certified, which indicates they meet rigorous science-based standards for health and safety. Our teachers clean and organize their classrooms daily and we use a cleaning service to maintain the highest state of cleanliness in our classrooms.